Our best-of-breed card management engine allows you to create and manage credit, debit, gift and loyalty card systems, while seamlessly interfacing with your accounting system of choice.

Flexible. Fast. Fierce.

jPOS Card Management System: From point of sale transactions to loyalty card programs, from digital wallets to innovative payments methods – our dynamic card management seamlessly connects ISO-8583 payments to the accounting system of your choice. Issue and manage credit, debit, gift and stored-value card accounts – all while benefiting from the power and precision of our proven technology.

With direct access to jCARD’s underlying code, you’ll never have to put the brakes on innovation while you wait for approvals or technology upgrades. And you’ll never be locked into a lengthy mandatory support contract.


Accounting at its core

At the end of the day, our industry is ruled by accounting; Debits and Credits should match. jCard provides an interface between the ISO-8583 world (or any other messaging specification) and a double-entry accounting system that lets companies create extremely powerful solutions from one end of electronic payments transactions to the other. Coupled with jPOS CMF and jPOS.org’s own real-time, extreme performance MiniGL ledger system, jCard provides the best of breed card management engine in the market.

API centric

jCard includes out-of-the-box a robust and comprehensive set of APIs to enable all your account creation, management, transactions, and validation needs. Get direct access to jCard extreme performance transaction engine and real-time double-entry accounting system with a complete set of open APIs. So open that jCard includes all the source code to modify the APIs as you need.


Fintech's secret sauce

jPOS is used by the largest and most renowned Fintechs and card payments enablers, from publicly-traded companies to stealth startups worldwide. The same issuing and acquiring technology is available to you.

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jCard Features

Our Reference Implementation will provide at day 0 all the functionalities needed by a best-of-breed issuing system, including:


  • High Availability active-active multi-node
  • EMV and contactless
  • Mastercard, VISA, Amex, and all major schemes
  • HSM interfaces
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Settlement and Clearing files parsing
  • Powerful REST API interface
  • Customizable Person, Account ,Card relationship


  • Multi-issuer support
  • Multi-products per issuer
  • Debit, Credit, Store Value, Gift, Loyalty, Digital Wallets
  • Smart related-transaction matching
  • Parametrizable actions per BIN, PAN or any field
  • Flexible Acquirer interfaces deployment
  • Stand-in and SAF modules
  • Positive and negative card file auth
  • Granular Fees and Velocity Profiles Management
  • Card lifecycle status (active, expired, etc).
  • Embossing interface

Fraud Management

  • Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • CVV and CVC card verification
  • 3D Secure interfacing support
  • Geolocation
  • Atomic transaction velocity limits
  • Tokenization capabilities
  • MACing
  • Cardholder profile management







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We will never lock you into long-term, mandatory support contracts. But for those who need it, we offer custom packages built to your requirements. From occasional phone support to on-site trainings, we’ve done it all.

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We launched jPOS two decades ago – delivering the first open source solution for implementing the ISO-8583 standard. We build on jPOS with elegant, disruptive tools that drive innovation for clients ranging from FinTech startups to Fortune 500 market leaders.

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