A powerful, elegant and scalable as proprietary solutions, but with a price tag less than one-tenth the size. Our full-featured switch powers payment innovation in any setting.

Powerful. Elegant. Scalable.

Our best-of-breed transaction switch leverages the power of jPOS to connect transaction participants in any setting – providing flawless, high-speed support for payments at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

With unfettered access to the underlying code, you’ll never have to ask us for permission to build the technology your business requires, and you’ll never be locked into a lengthy mandatory support contract.







jPTS Features

Our Reference Implementation will provide at day 0 all the functionalities needed by a best-of-breed switching system, including:


  • High Availability active-active multi-node
  • EMV and contactless
  • Mastercard, VISA, Amex, and all major schemes
  • HSM interfaces
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Settlement and Reconciliation files generation


  • Dynamic Routing
  • Smart related-transaction matching
  • Flexible Acquirer interfaces deployment
  • Supports hundreds of worldwide specs
  • Stand-in and SAF modules
  • Positive and negative card file auth

Fraud Management

  • Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • CVV and CVC card verification
  • 3D Secure interfacing support
  • Geolocation
  • Atomic transaction velocity limits
  • Tokenization capabilities
  • MACing

Secure by default

jPTS was designed with security in mind allowing bullet-proof system implementations driven by powerful security tools, system-wide audits, extensibility to integrate with external security appliances, and flexibility to accommodate specific organizational security policies.

  • Strong card data protection for data at rest (database) and data in transit (i.e., log files).
  • Full support for dynamic key exchange methods -push, pull- and flexible to mix and blend them to meet all kinds of real-world system requirements.
  • Support all major industry-standard encryption algorithms such as DUKPT, AES, key block, and variant encryption keys.
  • Out-of-the-box support for strong configuration protection mechanisms like HSM-encrypted values, deep obfuscation, and requirement for securely typed values. All of this without writing a single line of code.
  • Real-world proven integrations with the largest HSM providers for both on-premises and cloud-based services.
  • Software-based security module (aka SSM) to help with development and testing in environments where an HSM is not available.
  • Powerful CLI (command line interface) for security administrative tasks like cryptographic key creation and validation, configuration value protection, and even check out the heartbeat of third-party security appliances such as HSMs or Vault systems.

Decoupled. Agile.

Despite specifications for card transactions like the ISO-8583, all card transaction management projects involve plenty of different legacy solutions with inbound and outbound specific protocols. jPTS enables the message switching between the card transaction participants, approaching them as source, destination, control, monitoring, and security stations, normalizing all the messaging between them. jPTS approach is to use “Stations” that speak the jPOS Transaction Switch (jPTS) internal message format (jPTS IMF) based on ISO-8583 version 2003 and to whatever external protocol is involved. Coupled with jCard, which implements the native jPOS CMF, it leverages the market-proven jPOS and jPOS-EE underlying components to create an extremely available, reliable, and scalable transaction switch.

Need a little support?

We will never lock you into long-term, mandatory support contracts. But for those who need it, we offer custom packages built to your requirements. From occasional phone support to on-site trainings, we’ve done it all.

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We launched jPOS two decades ago – delivering the first open source solution for implementing the ISO-8583 standard. We build on jPOS with elegant, disruptive tools that drive innovation for clients ranging from FinTech startups to Fortune 500 market leaders.

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