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Innovative payment solutions require jPOS. Our commercial license allows you to use the ISO-8583 framework preferred by thousands of programmers without revealing your secret sauce.

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We are fierce believers in open source innovation. That’s why, for the last two decades, we’ve made jPOS – the go-to solution for implementing the ISO-8583 standard – freely available for anyone to download and use.

Building a prototype? Testing a new solution? We don’t want anything to stand in your way. Once you’re ready to launch, we give you a way to keep your code confidential – by buying a jPOS commercial license.

If you’d rather contribute back to the jPOS project, you can opt to share your work with the community.

Our licenses

We offer a variety of jPOS licenses.


jPOS open-source license

  • Free
  • Use jPOS internally to build a prototype, test a new solution, or just improve your knowledge base.
  • Publicly launch your jPOS application while sharing your code with our community through the AGPLv license.

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jPOS commercial license

  • $3,950 per year
  • Per instance
  • Per customer/institution
  • Includes updates and upgrades of same major versions
  • Quantity and multi-year discounts
  • Eligibility for professional support and consulting services

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OEM, VAR, SaaS and customized licenses

  • Price upon request
  • Bulk Licenses Available
  • Conversion from AGPL to specific needs license
  • Special Bundles of Support and Commercial Licenses
  • Other customization requests available

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What is jPOS?

jPOS is a Java® platform-based, mission-critical, ISO-8583 based financial transaction library/framework that can be customized and extended to implement financial interchanges.

The included jPOS-EE module provides developers with the business logic, rules and database connectivity required by financial interchanges, transaction switches and other sophisticated systems.

Preferred by thousands of developers on 5 continents, the jPOS transaction library is an elegant, scalable and eminently reliable solution for anyone implementing financial interchanges according to the ISO-8583 standard.

Why jPOS?

From FinTech startups to the biggest credit card processors to the Fortune 500, companies in 100+ countries rely on the jPOS framework. In the two decades since its launch, it’s been proven in demanding integrations in an endless array of settings, and it powers billions of transactions around the globe every day.

When you use jPOS, you’ll retain access to all underlying code. Whether you’re building something new or expanding on your existing infrastructure, businesses today need the flexibility to pivot on a dime – and we are committed to staying out of your way. We have no mandatory support contracts, and we will never tell you what you can and can’t build.

Need a little support?

We will never lock you into long-term, mandatory support contracts. But for those who need it, we offer custom packages built to your requirements. From occasional phone support to on-site trainings, we’ve done it all.

Discuss how we can help you!

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About us

We launched jPOS two decades ago – delivering the first open source solution for implementing the ISO-8583 standard. We build on jPOS with elegant, disruptive tools that drive innovation for clients ranging from FinTech startups to Fortune 500 market leaders.

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